Analytic Index Becomes a Walmart Connect Measurement Partner

Today we are excited to announce that Analytic Index has become a Walmart Connect Measurement Partner.

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“Our product and the value it drives is progressing rapidly due to our strengthened relationship with Walmart Connect.

Leveraging direct data connections and the expertise of the Walmart Connect team has been a real game changer.”

Pete Andrews, Head of Product
Analytic Index

Pete Andrews

Analytic Index has provided sales, search, and shelf analytics to Walmart suppliers and agencies since 2020. Most recently, Analytic Index has launched an automated Walmart Connect Ad Audit that analyzes campaign data, provides analytics, and recommendations for improvements. Suppliers and agencies leveraging Analytic Index data gain a competitive advantage through actionable insights that improve organic rankings and drive ad spend efficiency.

If you are interested in learning more about Analytic Index’s Walmart capabilities, please contact us or shoot an email directly to [email protected]

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