Ecommerce Search Intelligence

The Analytic index platform helps brands identify, optimize, and hold accountable search teams/agencies to superior growth. With ever increasing search competition and complexity, Retail Advertising (regardless of platform) has strong likelihood for marginal results unless driven by performance data analytics. Expand both your Organic and Paid search success through comprehensive keyword analysis for Retailers, Categories (primary and adjacent), competitive brands, and shopper trends. Additionally, set alerts for branded keyword engagement, seasonal keyword opportunities, and over/under valued keyword terms. Finally track performance and attribution for content optimization and paid search campaigns (including ad types) providing data-driven confidence in superior search performance.

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Get detailed information about every aspect of search optimization.


Get actionable recommendation that will actively increase sales.



Track results from implemented recommendations in near real-time.

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Search Team & Agency Audit


Every manufacturer understands the importance of search, yet general e-commerce growth blinds brands from category dominance. The Analytic Index platform empowers brand leaders to measure, audit, benchmark, and improve organic and paid search performance to drive superior growth. Clear and shareable audit reports provide on-going analysis of search strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats. Combined with near real-time analytics, search alerts and recommendations empower brands to drive increased traffic and conversion along with improved cost efficiencies to ultimately deliver superior results.

Ecommerce Search Analytics
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Ecommerce Keyword Analysis


Keyword Analysis


Having the ability to research keywords and plan accordingly is critical to ranking on retailers’ search engines. With the Analytic Index Keyword Analysis Tool, you can identify the best keywords to target for your brand by identifying which keywords are ranking, how each word is performing, competitive saturation, and how organic and sponsored search impact sales. To make life easier you have access to actionable reports for missing keywords and keyword optimization.

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Sponsored Search Analysis


With digital ads outpacing traditional ads it’s more important than ever to ensure that those dollars are being spent effectively with predictable returns. Analytic Index empowers you with the ability to not only get quality data into your sponsored search items but also your competition’s. Armed with this information you can find golden opportunities to sponsor items at lower costs with higher returns, identify competitive bidding strategies, avoid over-saturated terms, show seasonal keyword opportunities, and track branded keywords. 

Ecommerce  Sponsored Search Analysis
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Search Rankings and Search AICS


Search Rankings and Search AICS


Item Search Rankings (SR) provides brands a way to compare and contrast search performance across categories, keywords, and retailers. Additionally, SR provides a baseline in which advanced analytics like Search Composit Scoring (S-AICS) can provide trajectory analytics for performance across a multitude of search decisions. SR combined with S-AICS provides past, present, and future analytics to measure contribution, attribution, and performance insights.

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Keyword Page Position


Easily track and monitor your items and where they are showing up on desktop and mobile app search results without the work of looking them up manually. Learn what’s contributing to the rankings and get alerted when your item loses or gains page positions.

Ecommerce Keyword Page Position

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