Analytic Index Launches Noctis, Your AMC Copilot

Have you or your team wanted to leverage the wealth of data available in AMC, but been too intimidated by how technical it is? Does your team struggle to write queries that produce valuable data? If these struggles sound familiar you are not alone!

Noctis Logo

Analytic Index is proud to announce the launch of our new AMC copilot, Noctis to help solve these challenges.

Think of Noctis and Analytic Index as your unwavering companions in conquering the Amazon Marketing Cloud. The best part of Noctis, is that it’s a simple Chrome plugin that takes less than 5 minutes to get started with your free trial (no cc required).

Do you need a question answered about AMC? Simply ask Noctis!


Do you need help writing a query? Simply ask Noctis!


Watch our quick 2-minute demo video to learn more!

* At Analytic Index, your safety and privacy are paramount to us. Our robust data security frameworks and protocols are designed to ensure your data remains confidential and secure at all times.