Walmart Beta Program

We’re excited to announce that the Analytic Index Beta Program is now live. We are giving companies the opportunity to gain unprecedented visibility into any category selling on Walmart.com including competitive data. The beta program is specifically targeted at getting feedback from major brand manufacturers but is also open to agencies.

In-Platform Assistance

If you need any help within the platform you can refer to one of the following videos or reach out to your account team.

Navigation and Filters
Learn the ins and outs of navigating the
Analytics Index platform and how to filter data to get the best results.

Drill-in Capabilities
Learn how you can drill down in the data and get highly-detailed information

Search Landscapes
Learn how to quickly and easily identify which brands are winning in search.

Category Landscapes
Learn how you can analyze your and your
competition within any given category.

Brand Breakdowns
Learn how to analyze the sales, search and
promotion for any brand.






  1. Hold a kickoff call with your account team. If you haven’t done this yet, please contact your account rep to schedule a meeting.
  2. Enter your information below to enroll
  3. Create your account in the portal
  4. Get started on the platform.