Why Keyword Research is Critical for Amazon Sellers

Amazon has a growing selection, which is why consumers are now using the search box to find their wants and needs. Gone are the days of filtering one’s searches, because today, all we need to do is to type in keywords describing the products we’re interested in. Afterward, we browse through the various options appearing on the first few pages of our search results.

Some customers may be specific in their searches, knowing what they want. Others put in broader words, looking for ideas before they narrow down their searches. Whatever is searched for, it all boils down to keywords being one of the crucial factors for brands to get the best sales

But what does keyword research have to do with all this? 

Everything, really. Read on to find out why Amazon keyword research is critical for all sellers on the platform.

Amazon Keyword Research

The Importance of Amazon Keyword Research

Amazon Keyword Research

You’re probably wondering- Isn’t keyword research just for search engine optimization? We usually hear keyword research as part of strategies when wanting to rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, where millions of searches are performed daily.

However, keywords, along with proper keyword research and strategies, are crucial in Amazon as well! In fact, keyword research is important across various eCommerce platforms and social media platforms, it isn’t just for search engines anymore. 

Today, keyword research is the foundation of SEO strategies, which is why you need to include this in your marketing strategy when selling on Amazon. When done well, keyword research can help provide direction for the keywords your product listings should optimize for.

Let’s dive deeper into why keywords matter and why you need to conduct deep research to know what keywords you should use for your product listings:

Types of Keywords

Product listings that are rich in relevant keywords would have higher chances of appearing in Amazon search results for various keywords. This will increase the sales and traffic opportunities.

But before ranking for keywords, brands and businesses need to know what keywords to use.

There are major keywords to describe particular products, such as “cat food”, along with more specific phrases, like “dry cat food” and “chicken cat food.” There are also niche terms people would search for, being more specific, like “cat food weight loss grain-free!” 

Businesses and brands should have a mix of generic and specific keywords. Major keywords used would have a lot of competition but provide the most traffic. More specific keywords would have less traffic but with higher click-through rates since you have more focused traffic with the smaller competition. With specific keywords, you get to rank higher for the terms, receiving top exposure.

You wouldn’t know what keywords you should rank high in without proper keyword research! This is a major benefit this has to offer, as it will give your brand and products direction, knowing what keywords are mostly used on search bars, so you get more chances of being visible by your target audience, both looking for generic and specific products.

Conducting Keyword Research

When performing Amazon keyword research, there are various third-party tools brands and businesses can use. Such tools can help create a list of target keywords, so you have a shortlist of keywords you’ll want to rank for before you conduct even deeper research. Or, one can start conducting keyword research on the Amazon search bar, typing generic keywords in the search box then taking note of its autocomplete suggestions.

With this list, you can identify specific and long-tail keywords to mention in your product listings, based on your product specifications and what people interested in your product will search for the most.

Other tools can also identify new keywords you should target, based on your target audience’s consumer behavior and what they would typically search for. This can help you rise from the competition and double your traffic!

Optimize Your Listings

When you now have the list of keywords to target, you’ll add them around your product listing, without overstuffing it. The more relevant keywords are added to your product listing (without overdoing it), the more visibility you get. 

Keyword research allows you to successfully optimize your product listings. Sure, this is just part of the optimization process, but a very important one at that!

Wrapping It Up

Amazon Keyword Research 1

When you want to increase your product visibility on Amazon, then you should start focusing on using the right keywords. This is where the Amazon keyword comes in, bringing a host of benefits that can help you increase views on your product listings and sales.

Hopefully, this gave insight into the importance of conducting keyword research made for your Amazon product listings. Continue learning more on how you can further optimize your product listings for more sales today! Here at Analytic Index, we have you covered with the services you need to ramp up your sales.