Why Keyword Research is Critical for Walmart Sellers

If you want to sell on Walmart, then you’re going to want to optimize your product listings. This will help your products stand out and appear in the first part of results pages when consumers are looking for your product.

And the one way to optimize your listings is through proper keyword research.

But what is keyword research in the world of Walmart eCommerce, and why is it so important? This article will tackle what you need to know, so read on!

Why Keyword Research is Critical for Walmart Sellers

The Benefits of Keyword Research for Walmart Sellers

If you don’t know it yet, Walmart’s eCommerce platform actually has its own search engine, known as Polaris. This is what extensively crawls product listings, matching these listings with the keywords consumers search for.

With Walmart SEO’s algorithm continuing to evolve, it’s high-time that you begin taking advantage of its benefits by conducting keyword research. Why, exactly? Here are a couple of reasons keyword research is critical for Walmart sellers:

Walmart Keyword Research

1. This is Where It All Begins

Where do you begin with search engine optimization (SEO)? You do so with keyword research. This has always been the first step in SEO, and it’s no different when optimizing for your product listings on Walmart.

It isn’t just about using keywords most related to your product, but to also consider the most recommended words and phrases used according to your products, filters, among other factors important to consumers. With the right keyword research tools, you won’t miss any keyword that could have been placed on your listing.

The best part is: With all the keyword tools and resources available to learn about keyword research, it’s actually not as tedious of a task as you think!

2. Increased Visibility

When conducting keyword research, you receive the most effective and searchable words and phrases related to your product. You can add these keywords across your listing (make sure you avoid keyword stuffing, though!), so Walmart’s web crawlers will detect its use.

Thus, your product listing will pop up when people search for the keywords you used. If you combine keyword research with other effective ways to optimize your listings, the higher the chances it shows on the top results organically.

This results in better visibility for your product listings, with more interested consumers checking what you have to offer, over competitors who ranked lower. Remember, there are millions of visitors on Walmart.com, and with at least a few hundred searching for your specific product, you can garner more sales when using the right search-friendly keywords.

3. Content Marketing

Keyword research can provide insight on what you should add to your product listing’s content. You’ll know what kind of features to emphasize, the exact words to use, and further enhance the listing title and description.

With the right keywords and better content, consumers will appreciate your product details and its complete description. This lessens your bounce rate while increasing your conversion rate, with more people opting to purchase from you.

You will even be introduced to long-tail keywords, which is just as important, especially with more people using voice search when browsing online! That way, you have more recommendations on how to optimize your product listing based on its content, giving it the ranking boost.

4. Competitive Research

Why are there competitor analysis tools that include keyword research? Knowing the keywords competitors use can also give you the edge, as it gives you firsthand knowledge on what your competition is analyzing and using on their listings.

By knowing more about the competition, you know what strategies and keywords to implement to make your product listings rank even higher than theirs. Consumers will most likely choose the top results after searching for related products, giving you the chance of getting more sales than other Walmart sellers with similar offerings.

Keyword research can also help optimize previous product listings you have, so you can compare the keywords you used and what is better, according to efficient keyword tools. You’ll be able to update existing listings and know what you can improve on in the future.

5. Walmart Ecommerce Analytics

An essential part of doing Walmart keyword research is finding the best tools to help you do the job. Unlike Amazon, Walmart doesn’t have a lot of options to help you do proper keyword research. That’s why it’s critical to partner with a company like Analytic Index that can provide your team with organic and sponsored search information for Walmart.com.

Armed with detailed information on search performance by item, brands, and categories, brand manufacturers can understand the best keywords to target for organic and to sponsor.

Wrapping It Up

Walmart Keyword Research

No matter where and how you look at it, Walmart keywords are crucial to your product listings, which is what makes proper research important. Think of it as if you were creating content for a website, wanting to rank even higher in Google, Bing, or Yahoo. With higher rankings come better visibility, leading to many benefits in the long run.

Now that you know more about the benefits of conducting keyword research as a Walmart seller, begin learning more about Walmart SEO today! Good luck and continue selling on the platform successfully.

For those who have queries or want to share their insights on Walmart keyword research, share them in the comments section below. We would love to know more about your thoughts and experiences!